Taiwan Wafer Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984. At the beginning development stage of the company,
business was mainly involved in machinery development and supplies of most of the famous food manufacturers in Taiwan.
The idea of making “Healthful Rolling Wafer” was initiated by the owner during his honeymoon in Europe. He couldn’t forget the crispy texture and unique taste of this custard roll that he tried at one of the local pastry shops.
         This unforgotten memory together with his passion and confidence in food making inspired him to introduce this very special kind custard roll and named “Black Master” in Taiwan market. “Black Master” is the meaning of the business which is originated in machinery and expanded into food making together with core mission of providing “healthy” food to consumers.

      黑師傅捲心酥是由臺灣威化企業研發生產,公司成立於1984年,原先專門替知名食品公司研發製造餅乾生產機器。會轉型生產捲心酥,源起於老闆到國外度蜜月時,無意間吃到 Custard 蛋奶捲心酥,酥脆的口感以及綿密的香味,好吃到讓人難以忘懷。因此激發老闆對美味餅乾的熱情,加上本身對食品機器製作的絕對自信,就這樣ㄧ股腦的掉進了捲心酥的世界裡。
對捲心酥的愛好與堅持,讓台灣威化決定轉型,專心經營食品事業。 為了不忘本,從機器製造出身的老闆想出了「黑師傅」這個品牌名,用黑手師傅的涵義來紀念從黑手出身到今天的公司歷程,一方面也帶出 HEALTHFUL「健康」這個食品業最根本的企業精神。